With tours being our main focus of raising Holocaust Awareness and Education we make it our priority to provide a full immersive experience, to ensure that the experiences of the one-day tour leaves an imprint that is never forgotten.

The tours are emotionally exhausting as they require the mind to absorb realities that seem inexplicable; to consider and be exposed to the harsh truths of human evil that exists when pure hatred is allowed to run amok.

Over the years we have reached thousands of participants all of whom state without hesitation that their lives have a deeper meaning and that they have a new understanding and tolerance for humankind.

Some comments from our previous participants:

“We came away with our own personal reflections on the atrocities we saw and the need to do our bit to ensure history does not repeat itself.” KB 18/03/19

“I cannot stop thinking about the horrors that some humans inflict on others, just pure evil.” L 19/11/18

“Our trip was challenging, thought provoking, upsetting and deeply moving. We feel we left a little something of ourselves behind in the camps. We came home better informed and more determined to spread the word and encourage others to visit.” LW 14/11/18

“Thoroughly thought provoking and equally harrowing.” JC 03/11/18

“Going on the trip was an eye opener compared to books that we are made to read in school, it really adds gravitas to the knowledge.” SK 15/09/18

No matter your age, race, creed, or background, a Holocaust Awareness Tour will leave a marked impression and stir emotions that will not soon be forgotten.